337: Beyond the Art of Fundraising with Rabbi Shmuly Rothman


Think this episode is just about fundraising? Think again! Yes, fundraising, a fascinating topic frames this conversation, but what you will learn about money, business, and life is priceless. Today I’m in conversation with Fundraising Coach, Rabbi Shmuly Rothman. How did Rabbi Rothman end up as a fundraising coach? Money mindset and how does it show up in fundraising? The role of bitachon, exclusive reliance on G-d, when it comes to fundraising? We talk about fear, not just his clients’, but his – what were the things holding him back at a certain point in life and what shifted for Rabbi Rothman?

A bit more about Rabbi Rothman: He  directed Chabad/Hillel at the University of Toledo, Chabad Youth of Pittsburgh, and was part of the Chabad recovery rabbis. He started Rothman Coaching 13 years ago, where he helps chabad shluchim, emissaries, raise money for their institutions. But as you will soon hear, the result and the gain is way beyond the money raised. Wherever you are in life, you don’t have to be a fundraiser to learn from what this seasoned coach will share with you today. Here’s the insightful and engaging, Rabbi Shmuly Rothman.

You can find Rabbi Shmuly Rothman at rothmancoaching.com

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