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What if G-d wants you to be rich?

Learn the Jewish wisdom and no-fluff-no-overwhelm financial advice you need to conquer your money blocks and create your wealthy, joy-filled life.


You're a deep-seeking

Jewish Woman

You've got


You've got


You've got


But this unresolved money stuff?

It’s gnawing away at your inner peace and affecting your relationships with your husband, and your creator.

Not to mention harming your bank balance.

Why can’t my husband and I talk about money like mature adults; without fighting or walking on eggshells?”

We’re top earners. But we barely make it to the end of the month. How will we pay for weddings and college?”

I work on trusting in G-d, but honestly, I’m terrified we won’t have enough to retire on”

I’m capable of earning more. But How do I find a well-paying career that I love or raise my prices?”

“I’ve got no clue how much we should be saving, investing or giving to charity. My husband’s equally clueless.”

What if there was a path to the

wealth, confidence and joy
That you deserve?

hey there!

I'm Yael

Your compassionate-while-courageous guide to mastering money, the Jewish way. I help you tackle your money issues and open yourself up to the abundant wealth that G-d wants for you.

By masterfully weaving eternal Jewish wisdom with paint-by-number financial strategies (no overwhelming jargon allowed), I’ll take you from terrified-to-look-at-my-bank-account to educated and empowered with your money. Yes, you can make financial decisions – and make more money – with confidence, calm, and trust.

I’ve taught hundreds of Jewish women and couples how to slay their money demons so they can build the rich Jewish life they’ve always wanted. I’m known for my practical-yet-profound approach as well as my unwavering trust in my students’ ability to be awesome agents of G-d’s money. 


Including how I nearly bankrupted my family …)

what do they say?

D. NissanLiving the energy of money!
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Yael! I’m Learning self worth! Charging, valuing, creating plans with husband, understanding and living the energy of money…my vessel is opening and I’m everyday in the path of sustaining this energy, being an agent, giving, receiving…all of this.
M. LetiziaMy money person!
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Yael, you are my person! You really are! When it comes to money, you are my gal! You made this so easy and simple!
G. CarezisIt was impossible to talk to my husband about money!
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Before Yael, I thought I knew how to budget. (I didn’t!). It was also impossible to talk to my husband about money. Now, I can actually work with a budget and talk to my husband. It’s a positive, productive, and ongoing conversation. He’s on board and relaxed! I feel so much more confident and much less stressed.
C. EnglandNot in crisis mode anymore!
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Learning from Yael has been so freeing. My mind is not in crisis mode anymore. I’m almost debt free now and what amazes me is that I see circumstances now as an opportunity and not a crisis. It’s been an enlightening process. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
B. GaliziaI became my own best friend!
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Throughout this process, I’ve become my own best friend. I went from being someone who completely ignored her money (and worried about it) to someone who is in charge of her money. I have my Money Dates. I track my expenses and make mindful financial decisions.
let's get something straight

There are hundreds of money mindset coaches out there.
I’m not one of them.

I’m unapologetically G-d-centered

I believe in G-d and I bring Him into everything I teach. You won’t hear me talk about the “universe” or “force”. Authentic Jewish sources are the basis of all my classes, and G-d is central to my teachings.

I’m unapologetically realistic

Jewish life is unique and expensive. As a proud Jewish mama, I get how important things like tuition, Pesach seders and family time are. I turn all that theoretical financial jargon into practical advice that fits into your lifestyle.

I’m unapologetically optimistic

This money stuff is big. But I never give up on you. I’m your biggest cheerleader. I’ve helped hundreds of women reclaim their financial freedom; no matter how big their debt, or how fearful their mindset.

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No matter what the size of your bank account or the size of your fears, you can take the first step to more money, more trust and more joy.

I’m tired of fighting about money with my husband”

When you approach money with honesty, courage and compassion, you and your spouse will develop the perspective to build the long-term wealth you dream of.

I’m stuck in my career or business - my income is stuck too.”

Discover your dream career and smash your income ceiling by tackling your limiting beliefs about G-d, money, and your ability to give and receive money.



The only LIVE group coaching program for Jewish women who want to transform their finances by addressing the emotional, spiritual, and practical aspects of money in a way that is aligned with authentic Jewish wisdom.
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This FREE 60-minute masterclass gives you the myth-busting foundation you need to live your life according to Jewish money values.


This mighty-mini-course is jam-packed with my best tips, exercises and resources, so that you can withstand and even thrive during any Recession.

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