You and your podcast have really changed my life. It has to be said over and over again."

Gila G.

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Welcome to Jewish Money Matters Podcast, hosted by Yael Trusch, MBA, International Speaker. This is the podcast where Jewish wisdom & spirituality meet your money and your business.

Jewish Money Matters brings weekly candid conversations about money designed for you to gain practical and spiritual tools to break free from the shackles of financial worry, and design the joyful, rich life that your soul desires. Plus, every Friday Yael tackles your biggest questions about money and life, on #AskYael.


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Informative, entertaining...
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One of my favorite podcasts by far! I love Yael's sharp mind, warmth and relatability. She knows all the right questions to ask and answer and has taught me so much! I highly recommend you to listen.
A must listen!
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If you like all things Jewish, money and business, you'll love Yael and her fantastic guest! DEFINITELY worth a listen,
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Yael is an inspiring woman, she offers us teachings and practical advice with deep conviction and wisdom about money. She speaks in such an exceptional way that when you listen, you immediately want to get into that path of growth and financial freedom! I highly recommend it!
Awesome Podcast and conversations!
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I so appreciate how you are taking the courage and bring up the financial talk in our Jewish world! it has always been so taboo which has caused so much unhealthiness with the relationship with money. I love the conversations you have on this podcast with your beautiful guests!
Super Podcast!
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Jewish Money Matters is as good as it gets in the podcast world! Each podcast (including the questions or email bag) are packed with interesting information. It's not just about money! It's about lifestyle, choices, self-worth, and it's all value driven. Yael has a wide array of guests from all walks of life. I look forward to each week's episode!
Jewish Money Matters
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What a great podcast!! I have learned something from each episode that I have listened to. Yael is so engaging and inquisitive and articulates her questions and comments so professionally. She's a great role model and very inspiring.