336: The Pursuit of Greatness with Rabbi Shmuel Reichman (Replay)


Do you have to have a dramatic life experience to find your true calling, to discover your potential, to achieve greatness? Today’s Jewish Money Matters Podcast guest, Performance Coach, Rabbi Shmuel Reichman says no. Today is all about performance, greatness and well, money. 

Rabbi Shmuel Reichman is on a mission to help people wake up and give them permission to embark on a mission to serve the world as the greatest version of themselves. That is, instead of passively waiting for the “wake up call” to come from heaven. Where does money fit into the picture of living a life of greatness, not Hollywood like greatness, but greatness from G-d’s perspective, greatness following the Jewish blueprint for life, the Torah? The definition of money, the potential pitfalls of the pursuit of money, and the paradox we’re constantly navigating.  

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