373: Way More than a Life Without Laundry, with Poplin CEO & Entrepreneur Mort Fertel


If you like the sound of life without laundry, you will love today’s interview. It’s one of the best entrepreneurial stories I’ve heard so far. But it’s so much more than that. Today in Jewish Money Matters I’m in conversation with Mort Fertel, co-founder and CEO of Poplin, a nationwide peer-to-peer marketplace for laundry. The first and only nationwide laundry service company, Poplin is in 500 markets nationwide, 8,000 zip codes, 48 states solving a problem we all have – we spend too much time doing laundry, time which we could direct elsewhere.

Mort’s accomplishments extend beyond his entrepreneurial endeavors. He is a highly acclaimed best-selling author and has been the subject of a captivating documentary directed and written by Toroes Thomas. Mort’s expertise and achievements have garnered significant media recognition, with appearances on Fox Business News, Business Insider, CBS, and NBC, and now Jewish Money Matters.

Mort Fertel shares a perspective on money that I want you to pay attention to. He calls his relationship with money, “deliberate” and you’ll soon see how. Not only is it deliberate, but it’s wise and healthy. There’s the need for purpose and profit , the modesty, the intentionality, the importance of saving and investing, not giving too much money to our kids, being charitable and so much more. Pay attention to what he says about modesty and money. There are really wonderful lessons in this interview, that I know if internalized and implemented can change your life in very good ways. So, no this interview is not just about the possibility of life without laundry, it’s about so much more. You will enjoy this one. Here’s the wise Mort Fertel.

You can download the Poplin app onto your phone to get started, or you can head over to Poplin.co, where you can learn more about Poplin, create your account so you can hand off your laundry to Poplin’s laundry pros, or hey maybe you want to earn a nice income on the side becoming a laundry pro.

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