Honest & life-changing question for courageous determined and spiritual Jewish women:

What is the difference between a woman who’s constantly stressed about money – feeling like she’s treading water and not moving ahead amidst a sea of financial worries, and one who is overlooking the gorgeous blue ocean…calm, confident, & full of joy?



Honest & life-changing question for courageous determined and spiritual Jewish women:

What is the difference between a woman who’s constantly stressed about money – feeling like she’s treading water and not moving ahead amidst a sea of financial worries, and one who is overlooking the gorgeous blue ocean… calm, confident, & full of joy?

If you guessed…

…she’s married to a successful businessman

…You’d be wrong

...she’s a businesswoman with a 7-figure business

…You’d be wrong

...she has unlimited access to her parent’s AMEX

…You’d be wrong

…she invested wisely in Bitcoin

…You’d be wrong

...she’s got a cushy job in the family empire

…You’d be wrong

...she won the lottery

You’d still be wrong

The only comprehensive money mindset and management program that teaches Jewish women how to transform their relationship with money AND gives them financial knowledge, clarity and confidence to create the abundant, joy-filled life they dream of.

You’re an insightful, smart, and determined action taker with big dreams.

With your feet firmly on the ground and a spiritual drive that longs for more, you’ve never settled for average. You push yourself constantly: to learn more, be more, achieve more. An eternal truth seeker and student of life, you’re satisfied with the progress you’ve made, and the journey you’re on; spiritually, emotionally, intellectually.

But when it comes to the MONEY-word, you just can’t get a handle on things…

You’re trapped in a
never-ending cycle of

fear, doubt, & confusion...

You don’t want to live like many people around you: in constant financial (and marital) stress or complete financial denial and ignorance.
But without the skills and tools, you carry on fumbling in the dark, stumbling along the best you can:

In your heart - and mind - you know that this cross-your-fingers-hope-for-the-best financial path will not free you, or your family, to live your best life and empower you to create the financial security to support that life.

But as expenses skyrocket – and your dreams fade further into the distance – you’re stuck on the anxiety-laden treadmill which leaves you:

Dealing with this level of stress is bad enough, and that’s without mentioning the strain that this imbalance of control, lack of transparency, and unhealthy communication dynamic is having on your fulfilling, loving marriage.

This money thing is a looming shadow that threatens what you care about most:

your family.

You wish you and your husband were in alignment about your financial goals, that you could have comfortable conversations , and that you could make decisions together, based on your shared values and dreams.

You wish someone had taught you how to manage money and modeled a productive, positive, and purposeful outlook on money.

Instead, you’re trying to navigate the complicated adult world of money, shlepping around the debilitating baggage you inherited from your childhood.

As a perceptive, proactive deep-seeking woman,

you don’t lie back and expect things to fix themselves.

You’ve never been afraid to dig deep, and confront the real stuff so you can grow. So you decide to tackle this money thing, for once and for all.
You tried the self-help route…

Or you plucked up the courage and tried asking for money advice, talking to friends and relatives about money, and walked out more confused than when you entered the conversation.

Not to mention, you felt dismissed because you’re a woman, as though this is not meant to be your business.

Or, the conversation escalated into an uncomfortable discussion (ehem… argument?)

You take a reality check and realize that, despite your many efforts, nothing has changed.

The relentless stress continues unabated; chomping away at your inner peace, clouding your relationship with your husband, and diminishing your connection with your Creator.

You wish you had...

You know that money could be a tool that advances your dreams, helps you fulfill your deepest potential, and supports a life of meaning and value,

A life where you have a Shabbat and holiday table full of guests, you have regular family trips to Israel, you donate generously to causes you care about, you give your kids the kind of Jewish education that you want, and you have the income, savings and investments to fund your dream life.

But right now, money feels like anything but a blessing. 

You feel like you haven’t made enough (or any) financial progress as you’d like.

Like your financial life is not yours. 

Like you can’t achieve the big dreams you have in life

Like you’ll always be drowning in anxiety-laden pitch-black darkness.


If you’re nodding (or cringing) because you’ve already had too many arguments about money, and because your intuition and intelligence tell you there’s got to be a better way to do this money stuff, read on.

As the stress – and expenses – mount you clutch at your options:

Oh wait, should I just be buying Bitcoin?”

You could. But you know that that won’t solve the problem. You don’t want gimmicks. You want a sustainable long-term relationship of joy and abundance. 

“I could call my parents for money.”

And stay in a co-dependency relationship that erodes your self-confidence. You’re ready for a relationship with your money based on clarity, confidence, and self-reliance. 

“I’ll work more hours.”

And sprint on an even faster-paced treadmill, sacrificing precious family time (and your sanity).

Or maybe,  I’ll just bury my head in the sand? It’s worked till now. Kind of.”

You could. But you won’t.

Cuz you have faith.
You have drive.
You have dreams.

Educating yourself is important.
Investing is important.
Deepening your emuna and bitachon is important.

But alone, they will never give you the insights, skills and confidence to turn your dreams into reality.

A reality where you’re sitting at your spacious Shabbat table, laden with your family’s favorite foods, relishing in opening your home to guests and being able to connect with your family with joy, inner peace and confidence…

OR a reality where you’re watching your family visit the Kotel for the first time, bursting with gratitude that you’ve got the freedom to give your family the life you’ve always dreamed of…

What would be possible if….

What if you could learn to have a relationship with money.

Where it FLOWS to you,
where you are investing towards your dreams and goals,
where there is inner PEACE around MONEY
and where there is healthy communication and partnership around finance in your marriage?


G-d Wants You To Be Rich

The only LIVE Group Program designed for ambitious, spiritual Jewish women who want to transform their finances by addressing the emotional, spiritual and practical aspects of money in a way that is aligned with eternal Jewish wisdom.
*Zero deprivation required.

G-d Wants You To Be Rich will teach you how to think, speak, and behave with money, the Jewish way!

By learning sound financial principles and timeless / eternal Jewish wisdom, you will transform your entire relationship with money and bank account.

Over 10 weeks, you will achieve the peaceful and confident relationship with money that your soul desires. 

You will...

And you’ll be doing it from a place of alignment with your Jewish faith and values.

Get ready to implement the secret no one has taught you until now – that G-d Wants You To Be Rich and transform your life!

I now have my own business, making money doing something I love. And, I’m not afraid anymore to charge, or to even talk about money with my husband.

“This has been the best course I’ve ever taken. I now understand our relationship with money to be completely different than the way I used to think it was meant to be. I now have my own business, making money doing something I love, and second of all I’m not afraid anymore to charge or to even talk about money with my husband. This was a big deal for me at the beginning of the program. Yael pushed me and others gently but with enough conviction that we believed in ourselves and we did the hard work and had the difficult conversations. Thank you for helping me understand Hashem does not have a limit. Thank you for making us cry and laugh and heal. I never thought my husband and I could talk about financial freedom, or make more money, or plan to execute on big dreams. This is real, this is my life now.


My credit score increased 100 points, I’ve paid down over $5,000 in debt. I’m debt-free, except for my student loans.

“This is only some of what I’ve accomplished during and since the program - My credit score increased 100 points, I’ve paid down over $5,000 in debt. I’m debt-free, except for my student loans. I landed a job that I absolutely love with much better pay and benefits. But, all of this was possible because my entire relationship with money has changed due to this program. I’m excited about my financial future and all thanks to you.”


You motivated me, and created a fun, safe space.

“Thank you, Yael! Not only did I become more organized and knowledgeable, but you motivated me, helped me set attainable goals, and created a fun, safe space for uncovering my money hang-ups: all delivered with a generous serving of Jewish insights that gave it all meaning and kept me inspired to take action".


In this 10-week, hold-your-hand-every-step-of-the-way LIVE group program, you’ll conquer your messy money mindset and gain the knowledge - and confidence - you need to save, invest and plan wisely.

Phase 1:

Master your money mindset

We’ll unpack your beliefs around money, so you understand how these play out in how you relate to money in your life.

We’ll explore the Jewish approach to money, where money is a source of blessing and an expression of G-d’s desire to give you abundant wealth.

You’ll come out with a positive, healthy relationship to money where you are filled with that calm, freedom and gratitude that comes with letting go of fears and consciously choosing new beliefs that are aligned with your faith.

Phase 2:

Manage your money like a pro

You’ll learn how to set financial goals and take actions to build the systems you need to reach these goals. (No deprivation required.)

You’ll learn how to get out of debt, how to invest, and how to interpret your financial information without freaking out.

You’ll also understand how and why to set up your money dates, and get proven scripts on how to talk to your husband in a connecting, constructive way.

This program combines personal support, empowering mentorship and invaluable knowledge

to help you create the life you dream of

Comprehensive Knowledge

Discover the reasons behind your behaviors around money, so that you can change them. Uncover your numbers, design financial goals, and build the systems and financial strategy to focus on and achieve those goals. Understand the oh-so-confusing financial jargon so that nothing gets past you anymore. With sessions two times a week, including implementation sessions and hot seat opportunities, you will confidently implement steps that will help you progress financially.

Supportive Community

Talking and learning about money can be lonely (and overwhelming). GWYTBR is a safe and supportive community of like-minded Jewish women, where there are no taboos or judgments around money. You will encourage each other, celebrate wins, and learn from each other. Warning: you may make friends for life with ambitious, spiritual, awesome Jewish women from all walks of life.

Hands-on Experience

GWYTBR is a LIVE program, not an online course. Each week is structured for you to implement the learning and to be held accountable for it. It’s designed for you to take action, which in turn creates new emotions, new beliefs, and more positive actions. G-d Wants You To Be Rich is a program about action! Because without action, nothing will change.

Personal Mentorship

Yael has mentored hundreds of women and couples helping them transform their relationship with money and their wealth-building skills. Yael has one goal: for you to build wealth and live a Jewish life that is completely rich and joyful. Her students marvel at her seamless combination of the practical and the spiritual. She will catch your money blocks before you’ve even had a chance to say hello to them, train you to change a sticky money conversation into one that is productive and positive, and will break down all those confusing personal finance concepts into clear, actionable things that you will have no trouble implementing. And when the resistance hits, she’s there to help you move forward with compassion and honesty.

Organized Resources

Every class recording is available inside your unique platform, where you will get access to the class’ video, audio, transcripts so you can access the material in any way that suits your lifestyle - for life. You’ll also have access to all the class materials designed for you to solidify and implement the learning.

We finally achieved the level of giving that I always wanted.

At the beginning of the program I told Yael, ‘I want to be free.’ And I can tell you, I really feel free! I feel free about money. I don’t have fears about spending anymore. Also, I can talk to my husband - a big change in my life. So, not only did I change thanks to this program, but my relationship with my husband did, too. It’s amazing now. We finally achieved the level of giving that I always wanted.”


I used to live with a knot in my stomach, I can say that now I’m confident.

“The mindset shift was most empowering, laying the foundation for the practical financial information and guidance. I love how you weaved together the Torah’s perspective on money with clear financial guidance and practical steps to achieve our goals. The course has shifted my mindset towards finances to one of positivity and empowerment. We’re paying down debt, saving for our goals, and interestingly, making more! It’s been a complete shift for me and my husband."


I now look at my numbers asking the right questions like where do I want to go, and what’s my plan to get there.

“I gained so much clarity. I gained the understanding of where my money was going, where there are “money leaks,” where there are opportunities for my money to grow, and for me to improve how I handle it. I also lost the fear to even say the word money. No more fear of looking at my numbers with clarity and with curiosity. I now look at my numbers asking the right questions like where do I want to go, and what’s my plan to get there. I have built so much trust in G-d and awareness of Him in my life, in my financial life! I can say no without fear and make choices from a more empowered place. This program definitely opened the doors of money and wealth for me and has allowed me to take charge of my finances. I learned to activate my bitachon, even in times of balagan!"


The course has shifted my mindset towards finances to one of positivity and empowerment.

"I was scared to look at my numbers. I have no fear now. While I used to live with a knot in my stomach, I can say that now I’m confident. This program really helped me connect with G-d, with His abundance and made me realize it’s really ok to ask Him for money."


So, what’s in the course?


PLUS: 3 value-packed bonus classes where you’ll learn from these incredible experts.

Chana Mason
Wellness Coach

Author of Hold That Thought, The Size of Your Dreams and The Cash Machine.

“How to Work Through the Mental Money Madness?”

Debbie Sassen
Certified Life & Money Coach

Author of The $1k Investor

“Changing More Than Your Money Mindset”


Mara Strom
Founder of Kosher on a Budget

Author of The Better Budget Guide

"Budget to Live, Not Live to Budget"

Let me take you on this transformational journey. Because this money stuff is complex and I know it.

Hi, I’m Yael Trusch, MBA


Money & Personal Finance is my passion. But, that wasn’t always the case…. 😬

I have a degree in Economics and an MBA. As a single, high-earning woman I could structure and negotiate multi-million dollar deals for corporations.

But when it came to handling my money…

My financial strategy could be summed up in one word:


I liked spending money. But, since I feared I would one day not have any, I tried to hide it from myself by placing it in less-than-smart investment plans.

And with the denial came the shame.
“Why can’t I get it together? “ Aren’t I supposed to be ‘good with money’?”

Luckily, one day Prince Charming (aka my husband) flew in and swept me off my feet. The dream life (and denial) grew…. I happily merged finances and handed over any responsibility having to do with money. (Apart from spending it.)

Until our finances took a hard hit in the 2008 Recession. For the first time in our marriage, I saw my husband stressed about money. I was sort of delusional. (That did not do well for our marriage.) I was starting to feel the strain on our otherwise wonderful marriage. I was forced to put on my big girl skirt, and overhaul my relationship with money for good. If not for my own sake, for the sake of my marriage.

The more I studied, the more I realized that the finance part was straightforward.

But money is SO much more than numbers. Money is emotional. If I really wanted to change my thoughts, feelings and behaviors around money, I needed to do more than read personal finance books.

I needed to tap into the eternal wisdom of Judaism. Once I did that, the real transformation happened.

My husband and I started communicating about money, understanding our beliefs, and money stories. We started building empathy, understanding, and trust. We became a powerful unified force. We defined values, goals, and made plans.

We went from being charitable to becoming givers. We held each other accountable even when it was hard.

We kept bringing G-d into the conversation. What is G-d trying to teach us? And more importantly, what does G-d want from us at this moment?

I can confidently say I came out of the last recession a changed woman – empowered, able, calm, yes, wealthier!

Fast forward to COVID’s 2020 and 2021. We’ve managed the financial challenges of the times, in radially different ways than I did a decade ago! All due to the profound way I’ve integrated Jewish wisdom with sound financial practices.

Now, my mission is to help every Jewish woman achieve this joy-filled abundant life that G-d wants to give you. No financial planner or guru will teach you this stuff. But, you have it in your heritage and you deserve to know it.

Along my journey, I’ve been privileged to be featured in:

There’s a before and after Yael.

"There’s a before and after Yael. I didn’t know where I was. You made me grow so much. Thanks to you I’m not scared of money any more and I feel genuine gratitude for what I have."


I feel so much more empowered.

“We went so deep into finance and money! It was incredible. I feel so much more empowered. The spiritual touch that Yael brings to this personal finance stuff, gives the work meaning and purpose. I fully recommend it to every Jewish woman who wants to become empowered and confident with their money.”


You made finances a joy & understandable.

"Yael Trusch is the real thing! Both an educator and coach, she is able to make learning finances a joy and understandable. I just took her investing course and came out with valuable information. I highly recommend any course or coaching with Yael. She is a dynamo with style and knowledge. "


You made this so easy and so simple.

"You are my person! You really are! When it comes to money, you are my gal!!! You made this so easy and so simple."


So if you’re ready to go from overwhelmed, confused and stressed, to calm, confident, and empowered to make savvy, soul-filled financial decisions… then join me. You’re in for a real financial transformation!

Will you take your current financial challenges, your current rocky relationship with money, and use them as a springboard for growth and change towards a joyful richer life where you’re living in constant gratitude, freedom and open the doors to receive -never-ending abundance?

Or will you stay stuck in a hamster wheel, longing for a life that seems to grow farther away every day?

It depends on You!

You don’t need to eat rice and beans for a year. (sorry Dave Ramsey)

You don’t need another 0% interest credit card balance transfer.

You don’t need another loan from your dad.

You don’t need to blindly hand over your money to someone to invest it for you.

You don’t need to pay an exorbitant sum to a smart-talking financial advisor.

You don’t need to avoid the M-word with your husband.

You don’t need to fly off to an abundance manifestation retreat.

What you need is a holistic approach to money where you can get clear on your values and conquer your old beliefs around money so you can recognize why you haven’t been able to afford the life of your dreams.

Once you have confidence and trust that the life of your dreams is actually possible, you can design realistic goals and build the financial systems to realize those goals.

What my awesome + inspiring students say...

It changed the way I look at money, the way I manage my money and really it changed my life.

“Soooo many tools in this program and such personalized attention! Having gone through this program, I really think that this is the program that every woman has to take in her lifetime, and the earlier she does it, the better! It changed the way I look at money, the way I manage my money and really it changed my life.”


It helped me dig deep, uncover my money story and limiting beliefs, and chart a new way forward.

"This program laid the foundation and clarity I needed to move forward with my financial goals! Each week the live coaching sessions and assignments helped me dig deep, uncover my money story and limiting beliefs, and chart a new way forward! Yael's course gave me the encouragement and the accountability to dream big.... even amidst a global pandemic! If you want to uplevel yourself financially, grow in Emunah, and tap into the abundance both spiritual and material, Hashem has for each of us, G-d Wants You To Be Rich is definitely for you!"


This course helped me change some old and negative beliefs about money.

"This course helped me change some old and negative beliefs about money. It helped me view money in a more profound way and the way Judaism sees it. Yael is very eloquent and explains concepts in a manner that it’s really easy to understand, even for those with little or no knowledge of finance. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to gain more clarity and control over her finances, in a relaxed, welcoming and dynamic environment."


I addressed my fears and began looking at my financial position and decisions right in the face.

"I gained so many Jewish and secular insights about money. I addressed my fears and began looking at my financial position and decisions right in the face. I began to understand my mindset around money and what fuels my financial behaviors. This course gave me tools and resources to change the areas that need my attention while giving me an incredible sense of emuna & bitachon."


This can be you too.

GWYTB is a proven system to take you from anxious, overwhelmed and stressed to calm and confident with your money (and excited to look at your bank accounts).

And you won’t be doing this alone.

You will do it in a safe, supportive space where you will be seen, and you will be comforted. You’re not leaving video modules in your hard drive waiting for the day you’ll actually get to them.

You’re showing up for yourself, for your future self, your family, your relationships and your dreams, every week, for 10 weeks.

Because you believe in yourself,

Because I believe in you,

And more importantly, because G-d believes in you and wants you to be rich.

Let’s recap:

What do you get in the program?

Ready to embark on a

life-changing journey?


(One-time payment)


(4 monthly payments)

It’s possible you might be saying to yourself…

"Yael, I love the sound of this program, but that’s a lot of money. My husband will kill me if I join, especially when we’re trying so hard to budget and save.”

I hear you! It IS a lot of money – if you were adding more Anthropologie to your already full closet – But, over the rest of your life, this course will pay for itself over and over. How? By learning these tools and changing your paradigm, you will make mature, informed financial decisions so you can save more, earn more and give more.

Your husband won’t kill you. He might complain but give him a few weeks and he’ll be more than thrilled with the new you, and raving about what this program does to your marriage. Time and time again, we have students whose husbands doubted this investment, and less than halfway through the program, not only are they loving their wives’ transformation, they’re also reading through her notes. In fact, many husbands encouraged their wives to continue 1:1 coaching after the program (something I don’t offer anymore).

Both my relationship with money and my husband have dramatically improved.

“This program is an excellent investment. And the best part is that my husband is now totally engaged in our financial lives. It’s incredible! He’s so happy that I took this program. It changed our relationship. We are organized, we are moving towards our goals, and we have deep awareness about ourselves and our behaviors, and better communication than we ever had. Both my relationship with money and my husband have dramatically improved. We are now well on our way to repay our debt, have a solid plan and have increased our retirement contributions which we had reduced for a while.”


My husband wasn’t on board with me signing up and now reminds me how much we’ve improved

"This program arrived as if by Divine Providence in my life. I fully committed to the homework and the exercises Yael taught us. At the beginning of the program I was tense and nervous and now I’m much more relaxed, confident and grateful. My husband wasn’t on board with me signing up and now reminds me how much we’ve improved ever since I started doing this work, and thanks me for it!"


Still sounds risky? I hear you!

I am so confident in the life-changing value of this program that I am offering a 100% money-back guarantee.

If you complete the entire course, attend 80% of the live sessions, do all the homework, and still, you don’t feel you’ve radically transformed how you view and handle your money, I’ll give you your money back. No questions asked.

Okay, Yael. I love everything you’re saying. How can I join a live course when I have a day job (someone has to work, right)?

Many of our students work full time when they join. However, they made a commitment to themselves and got creative. They adjusted their work hours with their employer, making it possible to attend LIVE most sessions, while committing to watching the replays of every missed session on the same day that it took place to keep up with their peers. They stayed engaged in our private group, benefiting from the momentum and getting the support they need. It will take some creativity and resourcefulness to make it work, but it’s only for 10 weeks. LIVE sessions are Mondays and Thursdays at 10 am CST (that’s 11m EST). All the files you will need including replays of video, audio or transcript are waiting for you inside your Thikific portal.

Let’s be honest,

If you think you can overhaul decades of limiting beliefs around your money mindset and create new financial habits…

By spending precious time ranting on Facebook Groups about the cost of tuition, or the amount of Jewish charity campaigns you get solicited for, instead of doing the program’s exercises…

By scrolling through Instagram during the LIVE sessions, hoping everything will be solved when your husband finally gets that promotion…

By avoiding the implementation exercises, because you’re “too busy” to do the work…

… then G-d Wants You To Be Rich is not for you, just yet.

But, if you ...

Are relentlessly curious, intrinsically motivated, and willing to confront your inner stuff with compassion and honesty

Are a deep thinker with an optimistic and joyful nature, looking to live a life of truth and in alignment with your deepest self

Are ready to connect authentically to G-d’s unlimited desire to give to you…

Are looking for an uplifting program that promises you…

  • More money (because you’ll earn, save and invest more and give in the way you’re meant to)
  • More control over that which can be controlled (because you know part of trusting in G-d, is knowing He takes care of you, but that you have to manage his blessing of money responsibly and wisely)
  • More inner peace (because your new mindset and new habits around money will free you from financial worry)

Then G-d Wants You To Be Rich is perfect for you, and I can’t wait to get to know you.

The program starts February 19 and runs until May 16 (yes, that Passover freedom will mean so much more to you this year!)


(One-time payment)


(4 monthly payments)

Got questions? I’ve got answers.

Smart question. I hear you. Paying off debt and surviving month to month is no joke in today’s world. However, this is not an expense. This is an investment in yourself, your future, and the legacy you leave your children. The stakes and cost of not changing your relationship with money once and for all are too high. While I never recommend high-interest credit card debt or reckless spending, this course is the smartest investment you can make in your future. It will pay for itself many times over, and give you the tools to achieve the financial freedom and wealth you dream of. And, you can take advantage of the generous payment plan which makes it so much more affordable.
There is no “behind”! You are right where you need to be. You have a supportive community to keep you accountable and to hold space for you when you need it. And if you need support, that’s what the hot seat opportunities during implementation sessions and the private Facebook group are for.
You have lifetime access to all the live session recordings and course materials. You get to revisit these training sessions again and again.
I only offer this program once a year and every time I’ve offered this program, it’s gone up in price. There are no guarantees of:
a. When I will open up the next cohort
b. What will the price will be (think at least $500 more)
Welcome to the club. You don’t need any more than 2nd-grade math. For real. What you need is smarts, savvy, and an open mind and we know you’ve got that!
You will become an acute investigator, learning what numbers are important, where and how to find them, and learning what they’re actually telling you.

Of course, you could carry on...

  • Feeling stressed out and passively going through life
  • Trying to keep up with the Goldsteins
  • Spending hours reading books and listening to podcasts while feeling frustrated that you’re not advancing in your financial life as you’d like
  • Feeling shame about your financial situation and wondering why everyone seems to have it together

Or you could:

Get the confidence, trust and clarity to manage and grow your money in a way that is fully aligned with your soul’s desires.

Have questions? You can DM me on Instagram @yaeltrusch or email [email protected] and I’ll get back to you asap.

Have a question? Ask away!