347: Reducing Stress & Anxiety Around Money with Financial Therapist Simi Mandelbaum


Today, I’m in conversation with Financial Therapist, Simi Mandelbaum.

Simi is the Founder and CEO of PROSPR Financial Wellness, a center dedicated to reducing the stress and anxiety people feel around money. Incepted in 2019, Simi has helped hundreds of clients reduce debt, increase income, and most importantly live their money lives true to their goals and values.

What is the difference between those two – goals and values? How do we identify our values? And why is it so important to do so? Becoming curious about your own mindset around money, as well as your spouse’s, the difference between collaboration and compromise… The important difference between a Financial Therapist and a Financial Planner, and what makes you a good candidate to work with one over the other?

Simi’s own experiences with money, and the impetus for her career in financial therapy, and much more in this candid conversation with Simi Mandelbaum…

Simi can be found at Prospr.fit

Email [email protected] with the subject Jewish Money Matters to claim your free gift: a game to identify, “What is Your Enough?”

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