Recession Proof
Your Life

Thrive Financially Even in the Most Turbulent Times

Recession Proof Your Life

Thrive Financially Even in the Most Turbulent Times

You’re a bright, ambitious woman.
You’re courageous, determined and spiritual.
The last thing you want is to wallow in the negativity of Recession talk.
And yet, you might be…

Feeling stressed about the Recession (uggh, are we officially calling it that?)…

Worried about a potential loss of income (ehem, more like panicked?)…

Queasy over the stock market turbulence (the first trimester of pregnancy got nothing on this!)

Wondering how in the world will you continue to afford your life!? (inflation, i hate you!)

All of this is dragging your calm, confidence, and bank balances down!


Learn the action steps you need to take right now, so that you come out of this Recession not just unscathed, but thriving.

Emerge from the dark tunnel of negativity and paralysis and step into the light of positive decisive action, so that you’re anchored whenever the turbulence hits.

I hate to break it to you, but this kind of stuff happens every so often. In fact, this might not be your first Recession! And, so it’s time to Recession Proof Your Life once-and-for-all, my friend!

Hi! I’m Yael,

your compassionate-while-courageous guide to mastering money, the Jewish way. By weaving eternal Jewish wisdom with paint-by-number financial strategies (no overwhelming jargon allowed), I’ll take you from terrified-to-look-at-my-bank-account to educated-and-empowered with your money.


I’ve taught hundreds of Jewish women and couples how to slay their money demons, so they can build the rich Jewish lives they’ve always wanted. I’m about to lift the fog of your money worries and overwhelm, and light a clear path forward for you so that you can Recession Proof Your Life! See you inside!

RECESSION PROOF YOUR LIFE is a mighty-online-course jam-packed with my best tips, exercises and resources, enabling you to step out of the darkness and into the light, and take full control of your financial life, so that you’re well anchored, able to withstand, and even thrive during any Recession.


  • 7 short, actionable video or audio modules (choose how you like to learn)
  • Worksheets and exercises to implement the lessons
  • Access to my best resources to solidify the learning

PLUS, you will receive access to two LIVE group Q&A sessions with me, where I can walk you through any step that you might be struggling with, and help with your particular situation.

All inside an easy to use, carefully designed hub, with transcripts for every module and the ability to search for any word I’ve mentioned and get exactly to the point(s) in the course where I’ve said that word. No more wondering, wait, “what did she say about that?”

All accessible for life, so that you can implement step by step at your own pace and go back to it all time and time again. 

Yes, RECESSION PROOF YOUR LIFE really walks you through the steps to create a Recession Proof Life and it can be yours right now for only…

$497 dollars

I want to make it super-easy for you to say YES to yourself and to your financial life, once and for all. I don’t want you to wallow in the terror and misery, passively waiting for the turbulence to subside. I want you to learn the steps to build a financial life that is Recession Proof. I want you to take action, decisive action and RECESSION PROOF YOUR LIFE! (Now and for good!)

Click below to take advantage of this offer to finally make your life Recession Proof.
See you inside!