359: Prioritizing Mental Health After Oct. 7 & Humanity POV with Dr. Azi Jankovic


Mental Health is the topic of our interview today, something my guest feels is particularly relevant after the experiences of October 7th – whether you were in Israel or outside of Israel, the past almost three months have left a mark on us that my guest says we should not be taking lightly. Today I’m in conversation with Dr. Azi Jankovic. Azi is an American Israeli entrepreneur, educator, and advocate.

After two decades of teaching and guiding youth in the formal education system, she moved to Israel and moved into the space of communications, marketing, and entrepreneurship. She has written articles, a book, and produced a top-ranked podcast.

Post October 7th, 2023, Azi is engaged in Israel-focused projects and initiatives working to win the PR war, and providing critical support on the ground.

Azi holds a doctorate in Education Leadership from the University of Southern California, as well as a Masters in Administration, and Bachelors in Sociology.

She has a proven track record leading programs and symposiums, guiding purpose-driven entrepreneurs, and being a voice for change in the spaces of mental health, spirituality, and activism.

Azi talks about her experience on Oct. 7th and what life has been like since. She candidly shares her challenges with mental health in an effort to normalize the conversation about the topic, and to help you find the help that you might need without any shame whatsoever. We talk about finances, whether they’re a contributing factor to mental health, and about prioritizing your mental health post Oct. 7th even if you think, “Oh, I don’t have it as bad.” In Azi’s words, “Be vigilant.”

Finally, her most exciting initiative yet, Humanity POV, a grassroots social media and PR initiative fighting radical terror and antisemitism, the proliferation of misinformation with facts, education, Jewish values and the truth of the Torah, the Land of Israel and the Jewish people. And yes, you can get involved. You can contact Azi at [email protected] to learn more and see how you can get involved, and you can also make a tax deductible donation at tinyurl.com/anewpov.

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