371: More Money, Less Headache with Business Coach, Estie Starr 


Do you think in hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands? What might be the impact of that in your financial life? Business life? Today on Jewish Money Matters Podcast, I’m in conversation with Estie Starr. 

Estie is the Founder of Starr Business Solutions, a multinational business consultancy that’s focused on helping small business owners scale their businesses to make big profits. She believes very strongly that people can build professional and profitable businesses doing what they love, and she’s here to guide them so they can bring their vision to life with a lot more ease. More money, less headache is her tagline and she means business. 

Estie has been a certified professional coach for over 12 years. Yes, she can help you turn your talent, hobby, certification or skill into a professional and profitable business. While Estie says there is no one path to do that, we get very specific into the business fundamentals and marketing principles that you need regardless of what type of business you’re in. 

She was born with a knack for business, but business wasn’t always in the plans. In fact, while she had been an entrepreneur since the age of ten, she ended up as a business coach in a roundabout way that turned out to be just perfect, positioning her to better understand and serve her clients. Almost as if by chance there’s a spiritual and religious journey here too. Listen to the surprising reason why she majored in marketing, and the journey that led her into the business coaching world. 

You can find her at estiestarr.com, instagram or linkedin @estiestarr. Be sure to check out her free three day marketing challenge at estiestarr.com/freegift.


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