381: Marriage, money and the personality of wealth with Rabbi Manis Friedman


Put on your thinking caps because Rabbi Manis Friedman is here, and he will probably shred apart all the assumptions you’ve been operating under – when it comes to money –  and even assumptions you didn’t even know you had. 

Rabbi Manis Friedman is a world-renowned author and lecturer. He’s YouTube’s most popular Rabbi, with over 300,000 followers. He is widely recognized for his thoughtful approach to almost every major issue that plagues society. Rabbi Friedman has written 5 books with more on the way and has been featured on CNN, PBS, BBC, and TEDx and now Jewish Money Matters. 

Well known for his marriage advice, I had to take the opportunity to discuss with him the hot topic of marriage and money, of course. It’s not so simple as to say money is a cause of problems in marriage. There’s something deeper here which Rabbi Friedman will make you think about. Which of course led me to ask about the role of men and women, husband and wife, when it comes to money, making a livelihood, and making financial decisions. Some of what you will hear might shock you. And speaking of making a livelihood, how are we to view our endeavors when they are not producing what our needs demand? Being happy with your lot, and being ambitious, how do we reconcile those? Is ambition not a good thing? Should we not be asking G-d for, and even working towards more? The challenge of wealth – and why we should all welcome it – and more, with the illustrious Rabbi Manis Friedman.  


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