361: Investing in Israeli Tech Now, with Toot Shani


Would you like to invest in the Israeli tech sector but are not sure how? Or perhaps you’re wondering whether it’s too risky or whether you should wait till after the war? My guest says no, it’s not too risky. You don’t need to wait.  And she has a solution for you. It’s called Tech Shield. Today I have the legendary Founder of Sarona Ventures, Toot Shani. We talk about her entrepreneurial journey. We talk about how she came into the role of Founding Manager of one of the most impactful Venture Capital firms in the Israeli tech sector, with billions of dollars under management. What was the need she saw, the white space in Israeli Tech, and what did she set out to accomplish? What is Tech Shield and why did Toot and her team at Sarona decide to focus on this right after Oct. 7? What is a Reverse Fund and what is this model trying to do for the Israeli economy? Perhaps you’ll want to be part of it? And if you’re an entrepreneur, skeptical about taking outside capital, Toot will help you rethink that. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an investor, I know Toot’s passion and the mission of both Sarona and Tech Shield will inspire you. Here’s Toot Shani. 


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