380: How to Embrace and Even Engineer Failure, and Why, with Author of Hurry Up and Fail, Dave Mason


My guest today says failure is inevitable on the road to success. In fact, he tell us to hurry up and fail. But, beware cuz Not all failures are created equal. Some will not lead to progress at all. Today we explore this fascinating topic with the Author of Hurry Up and Fail, How Success Rises From The Ashes of Failure, Dave Mason. We go into dissecting failures, engineering failures that will lead to success, and minimizing the downside of failure. If you’re in business, failures can be very costly? Is there a way to mitigate the risk? And how does fear of rejection – a type of failure – impact our ability to make more money? The upside vs the downside of negotiating for more money. Listen up, you might be leaving money on the table for no reason at all.

Dave Mason is a personal growth junky, business owner, coach and author of many books. He’s a friend of the show. Happy to have Dave back, always an insightful conversation. Much to learn here. Definitely worth grabbing this book. I’ve already read twice.

Dave defines his mission as learn, grow, teach, and as you can imagine this might have a lot to do with his decision to write a book about failure. Stranger to it? Probably not! Here’s Dave Mason.

Buy the book at https://amzn.to/4esO9VB

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