365:  Ensuring financial security in our communities and for our soldiers’ families, before tragedy strikes with Life Share Co-Founder Ari Rosenstein


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 How many charity campaigns do you receive a year having to do with someone’s spouse passing away, leaving dependents in a financial bind? My guess is one too many! Today we’re talking about something we all can do to help every Jewish person in our community who might be financially vulnerable due to not having life insurance, or being under-insured. I’m in conversation with Co-Founder of Life Share, Ari Rosenstein.

Life Share is a global, peer-to-peer community where members make a commitment to provide financial support to fellow-members at a time of loss. How does it work exactly? How does it differ from life insurance? Why isn’t it an alternative to life insurance? And yet, why do we all need to come on board, if not for ourselves, as a sponsor for others?

We can also enroll soldiers with dependents who are in battle in Israel, and help ensure that should they fall in battle, G-d forbid, their family would be eligible to receive up to $250,000 in immediate financial aid. Ari and I talk about how immediate is immediate? How do sponsorships work? And why Life Share is one of the greatest acts of love for our fellow Jews – including our soldiers, our neighbors, our kids’ teachers, rebbes, and more. Here’s Life-Share’s co-Founder, Ari Rosenstein.

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