357: Destroying the Hamas’ Cryptocurrency Funding Network with Bezalel Eithan Raviv


Crypto, Blockchain technology, Counter-terrorism, that’s the topic of today’s episode on Jewish Money Matters. I have Bezalel Eithan Raviv, CEO of Lionsgate Network talking about his collaboration with Israel’s Ministry of Defense, and his pivotal role in the Ministry’s freeze of millions of dollars in crypto wallets connected to Hamas. How did Bezalel enter the blockchain technology space? An unusual pivot in his life, which led him to his greatest moment yet – helping fight this war by being able to identify the crypto wallets of Hamas terrorists totaling over $90 million dollars, now frozen and further funding to be blocked. The real story behind these wallets, and those who may have been unknowingly funding the terrorist attack of October 7th. Bezalel has a message of caution for the entire Jewish community regarding antisemitism and crypto. And if you’ve been subject to fraud, losing money that you thought was safe in your crypto wallet, Betzalel and his team at Lionsgate Network are here to help. Here’s Bezalel Eithan Raviv. 

To find out more about how Lionsgate Network can help you recover lost funds, head over to lionsgate.network

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