363: Designing A Fulfilling Business & Life, with Brand Strategist Michelle Mozes


From comic book artist to brand strategist, my guest today let go of dreams, let go of limiting beliefs, and is continuously letting go of smaller versions of herself, and reaching for a higher version. Also, in quite the unexpected way, she overcame a long battle with depression. My guest today broke the 6 figure mark in her business in only 7 months and takes us behind the scenes on that. She’s open about having to take a step back in her business even after she’d “made it,” her comeback, and much more. Today, I’m in conversation with Michelle Mozes.

This conversation is not just about entrepreneurship but about life and how we make it more fulfilling and better. We talk about the role of Michelle’s faith, the way she overcame depression and anxiety, her fulfillment framework, her money mindset, and more. Did she achieve her dream of being a Disney employee? No, but as you will soon here she achieved so much more, creatively, mentally, emotionally and financially. And she’s not stopping. Here’s the lovely Michelle Mozes.



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