369: Be Impactful and more with Rivky Itzkowitz, Founder of Impact Fashion


Calling all budding entrepreneurs in the audience; those of you are just starting, or maybe thinking of starting your own venture.  There’s so much to learn from today’s conversation. My guest today is fashion designer Rivky Itzkowitz. 

How did Rivky go from a girl who loved looking at designs on the runways and red carpets of the world to an entrepreneur. The shocking, unexpected realization she had as a wholesaler selling her designs to clothing stores catering to the modest Jewish consumer, and how that led to a major pivot in her business. Rivky now designs and sells one of the very few, if not only, size inclusive modest fashion lines in the market, in addition to being a voice of reason, support, and education, around the topics of diet culture, body image, and weight stigmas. And of course, teaching you how to dress for your shape not your size – something I have to admit I only through this conversation. We talk about pricing, time management, the social media “monster,” and more. Commonsensical, no nonsense business advice, well – life advice – take notes ya’ll,  from the delightful and hilarious Rivky Itzkowitz. 

You can find Rivky @impact.fashion.nyc and impactfashionnyc.com and be sure to catch me on her podcast, Be Impactful


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