343: An Honest Look at Honesty Part 2 with Rabbi Levi Landa


Today in Jewish Money Matters Podcast we’re talking about honesty –  financial honesty. This is Part 2 of the series An Honest Look At Honesty, with Director of Project 432 Rabbi Levi Landa.

Project 432 is a division of The Aleph Institute, bringing awareness and education to the Jewish community, so that we can live life according to the highest Torah and legal standards.

Presumably we all know there’s a line we would never cross. Do we? When and how does the line get blurry for people? Today Rabbi Landa takes the wisdom gained after the fact; the lessons learned from those who’ve faced imprisonment for financial crimes, and unpacks them for us so that we can gain greater awareness and sensitivity about the risks we all face. All? Yes, Rabbi Landa clarifies for us that this is not a fringe issue and this is not something that happens to other people. This is something that happens to decent, honest, people like you and me. You will learn about the things that make us vulnerable, the role of parents, the role of financial pressures and poor communication between spouses, and much more. Here’s Rabbi Levi Landa.

Project 432  is preventing people from making financial mistakes which could lead them to prison, destroying their lives and their family’s lives. Connect with them at p432.org

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