367: A business and life of mazal with Rachie Shnay of the Mazel Collection


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My guest today, Rachie Shnay, has all the good vibes. I just love this woman AND her jewelry designs. Rachie is the Founder of Rachie Shnay – a fine jewelry business which has gained a huge following globally through her signature Mazel Collection. Celebrities, influencers and thousands of women around the globe have joined what Rachie calls the Mazel Club. 

You may have seen Gal Gadot, Rachel Zoe, Amy Schumer, Julianna Margolies, Debra Messing, Lizzy Savetsky, Noa Tishby, Emmy Rossum, Selma Blair, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Montanan Tucker, Miss Universe, and so many more exhibiting their Jewish pride by wearing Rachie’s Mazel Collection pieces. 

How in the world did she get here? It’s been a short exhilarating ride. Hang on for it and watch out for G-d’s hand in all. Rachie is a beautiful soul with G-d front and center. We talk about the incredible opportunities she’s had, we talk about the challenges, the money lessons learned from her family, her money mindset, and get this: our mutual affinity for the stock market. I knew we had a lot in common, but I didn’t know this side of Rachie. 

You’re in for such a lovely conversation with a brilliant business woman, who is so grounded in her bitachon, it’s literally good mazal just to hear her. And for sure to be with her… here’s the lovely Rachie Shnay.


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