349: Lessons in Entrepreneurship with Business Coach, Nathalie Garson


My guest today on Jewish Money Matters Podcast is a power house with great energy, CEO of Born To Do Business, and Founder of the Global Network for Jewish Women Entrepreneurs & Leaders, Nathalie Garson. You’ll hear her speak very frankly about her journey from corporate life to entrepreneurship. Nathalie and I talk about the challenges and lessons learned in scaling her own business. The common themes she sees in her work as a business coach, the difference between the start up and the scaling stage. I enjoyed demystifying these processes and journeys with Nathalie and acknowledging both the challenges as well as the tremendous reward. How do money blocks and limiting beliefs show up in our businesses, and get this, there’s one that so many of us have inherited just by virtue of having been trained and used to corporate life. Listen up to learn what it is. And of course, how and why did Natalie end up also adding to her work load, running a non-profit – The Global Network for Jewish Women Entrepreneurs & Leaders? Here’s Nathalie Garson.

You can find Nathalie at nathaliegarson.com. Join her facebook group, The Global Network For Jewish Women Entrepreneurs & Leaders.

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